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Top (from Left to Right):  Dana Sicherman, Lori Palatnik, Rebecca Lambert, Cindy Zitelman
Bottom (from Left to Right):  Manette Mayberg, Michelle Leader, Lara Lakenbach, Jeanie Milbauer
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In February 2008, eight Jewish women came together from all walks of life and traveled to Utah for a four day retreat.  The group consisted of married, single, older, younger, observant and non-observant women, and all agreed that the values of the world were spiraling out of control.  The result is the deterioration of family, community and the very fabric of the Jewish people.

They had one mission: to create a movement that brings values back to the world.

And, just as Jewish women were the leadership of the feminist movement in the 1970’s that created real social change, so too Jewish women must be the leaders in a new social movement based on values. Thus The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project (JWRP) was born.