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Ministry of Diaspora Affairs

The State of Israel cares deeply about the Jewish people throughout the world. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs wholeheartedly believes that the State of Israel has a responsibility for the Jewish Diaspora.

In the summer of 2013, our Ministry was on a mission to find out how we could best strengthen these Jewish communities. We discovered a new organization called the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project that was doing outstanding work, primarily targeting an important market that a community needs to reach: the Jewish mother.

After much research and investigation we concluded that the JWRP was the organization we have been looking for. We were extremely impressed with their concept, results and the high caliber and passion of their staff, board members and supporters.

The Joint project was approved by all the government officials, and so was created the partnership in which the government is financially invested in the success of the program. Our joint venture with JWRP is one of our Ministry’s key projects for 2014. We believe that this is just the beginning of a great partnership. With our guidance, we want the JWRP not only to increase their numbers, but also their reach and impact. That is why, together, we will help develop follow-up materials and programs and engage more communities who are particularly at risk.

We urge current and new supporters to join with us and be part of this project that is quickly turning into a movement, one so desperately needed by Jewish communities throughout the world.

Naftali Bennett
Ministry of Diaspora Affairs


  • Margarita Spichko
    Manager of Diaspora Affairs Office

  • Hagay Elitzur
    Senior Director of Diaspora Affairs
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